I just asked Photoshop to remove this dude from the photo. In the end I regretted it…

When this couple asked Photoshop to remove a person from their photo, they didn’t expect the amusing and regrettable alterations, showcasing the unpredictable nature of automated photo editing. See the laugh-out-loud transformations that have everyone talking!

A rather funny situation arose after a girl posted a photo on the Internet and asked to edit it.

It would seem that everyone has already understood that you cannot ask the Internet community for help in Photoshop, writes Bored Panda.
It turns out, however, that not all!

Alice Geis posted an ad on Facebook:
“HELP NEEDED! My best friend’s sister got married, this is her photo. She wants to keep it as a souvenir, but a half-dressed man got into the frame.
Who can photoshop a photo so you don’t have to crop it?”
The answers didn’t take long to arrive! See for yourself:

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