Paris Hilton incorrectly put a life jacket on her one-year-old son and caused public confusion: “Where is her husband looking?”

Paris Hilton sparks confusion after incorrectly putting a life jacket on her one-year-old son. Fans question where her husband was during the mishap. 😲👶

Last year turned out to be very successful for Paris Hilton: the socialite became a mother twice, she gave birth to a son and a daughter within six months of each other. And although Paris is only at the beginning of her motherhood journey, which means that not everything is going as smoothly as she wanted, she does not hide anything from her fans and sincerely admits her mistakes. That’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when, in honor of Mother’s Day, a celebrity took her kids to brunch and didn’t fasten her seat belts properly in the car. This time it was in the pool.

In a new video on her personal blog, Paris showed how she teaches her one-year-old son Phoenix to swim. The video caused alarm among subscribers, because the celebrity put the life jacket on the baby backwards. The public immediately began to criticize the star. “Where is her husband looking at this time?”, “This is what happens when there is no nanny around”, “Money can’t buy common sense,” said outraged Daily Mail readers.

Some of them, however, were lenient with Hilton and noted that incorrectly fitting the vest in the water is a common mistake of young mothers. It’s okay, they say, over time she will learn. However, there were also more categorical users who noticed that reading the instructions is not difficult, and therefore Paris has no excuse. She once again put the baby in danger.

By the way, some Internet users thought that Paris Hilton’s outrageous behavior was a deliberate step by a celebrity to attract attention. And in this they are clearly wrong. After all, considering how difficult it was for Paris to prepare for children, she would hardly risk their health for the sake of coverage on social networks.
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