Wipe Pitt’s nose! Jolie’s fans rejoice, the beauty is no longer alone

Angelina Jolie fans are celebrating as she steps out of her single status! Curious who the lucky person is? Find out all the juicy details about Jolie’s new romantic chapter! 💕✨

Jolie’s fans rejoice, the beauty is no longer alone. Who managed to fall in love with one of the most beautiful women in the world, who is called “the successor to Marilyn Monroe”?

The handsome man is in no way inferior to Brad, and is also 12 years younger than the 60-year-old actor. Journalists published a photo of Jolie with her new boyfriend, August Diehl.

The German actor is remembered by many for his role as Woland in the film adaptation of the novel “The Master and Margarita.” “Cool couple”, “Diehl is somewhat reminiscent of Pitt”, “Very charismatic actor”,

“Walking charisma. A very talented actor”, “This is the best news today”, “Great couple”, “Hurray”, “And it seems to me that Jolie and Pitt were the best couple”,
“Well, finally,” “He will soon run away from her,” Internet users write under new photos of the couple.

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