“An attractive woman turned into a fat bearded guy”: What did Cher’s daughter become after she changed her sex many years ago?

Cher’s daughter underwent a dramatic transformation, turning from an attractive woman into a bearded man after changing her sex many years ago. What does (s)he look like now?

It is impossible to imagine that just ten years ago this plump, brutal man with a beard was a pretty woman named Chastity. He has now renamed himself Chaz.

A large middle-aged man is the heiress of the singer Cher. The daughter made an important decision in her life to change her gender in order to turn into a respectable man. Agree, looking at Chaz, it’s hard to imagine that he was once a woman.

On the Internet, commentators express their emotions in different ways regarding the story of Cher’s daughter. Some decided to support Chasteti in her decision, saying that a person himself knows what he should be and how to live. There is no point in judging anyone.

“Cher probably took this situation hard,” “It’s unclear why she decided to take such a step,” “What right do we have to condemn her if she’s happy,” users write comments.

What is your opinion on this matter?

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