“Not All Trends Are Worth Repeating”: The Wildest Beauty Trends Of The Year That Turned Out To Be Unsuccessful!

Every year introduces us to new beauty trends, and 2020 is no exception. Beauty enthusiasts are constantly inventing and experimenting with unconventional looks, some of which are downright bizarre. Let’s take a look:


“Cotton Lips”: Why anyone would want to glue cotton wool painted in unrealistic colors onto their lips is beyond comprehension.



Not only is it uncomfortable, but it serves no practical purpose and won’t protect you from the cold.

Octopus Lips:

This trend, also known as “devil lips,” “dragon lips,” or “patisson lips,” involves reshaping the lips to resemble underwater creatures.

However, it’s also one of the most dangerous beauty trends, with potential risks including tissue necrosis and anaphylactic shock.

Lip Augmentation with Eyelash Glue:

Some individuals resort to using eyelash glue to attach their upper lip to the skin under their nose, creating the illusion of upturned lips.

While cheaper than injections, the result can be rather comical and unnatural.

“Furry Nails”:

Manicures featuring pieces of artificial fur glued onto nails have been introduced by nail stylists in the USA. While unique, this trend is hardly practical for everyday wear.

Eyebrow Waves:

Eyebrows have seen their fair share of experimentation, and eyebrow waves are just one example.

Though not the worst trend, they certainly aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

Fake Nose Hair:

Originating in Asia, this trend involves gluing artificial eyelashes into the nostrils.

It’s a quirky departure from the trend of thick eyebrows, and some individuals have embraced it with enthusiasm.


Thanks to artist John Yui, brand logos have found their way onto people’s faces as tattoos. This trend allows individuals to express their love for a brand in a unique and unconventional way.

High-Heeled Eyebrows:

Eyebrows once again take center stage in the pursuit of originality.

This trend involves shaping eyebrows to resemble high-heeled shoes, adding an extra dimension to facial aesthetics.

Colored Teeth:

A departure from traditional teeth whitening, this trend involves painting teeth in various colors, sometimes matching makeup shades or adding colorful stickers for a unique smile.

Bratz Doll Style Makeup:

Inspired by the popular dolls, Bratz style makeup focuses on bright and exaggerated features, reminiscent of the doll’s signature look.

Tinsel on Eyelashes:

Adding festive flair to eyelashes by attaching tinsel is not only impractical but also potentially harmful, as it can cause irritation or injury to the eyes.

Teeth-Shaped Nails:

A truly bizarre trend that features realistic-looking teeth painted onto nails, making for an unsettling sight.

Sunburn Tattoos:

Individuals deliberately create patterns or designs on their bodies by applying sunscreen or paper stencils before sunbathing, resulting in sunburn tattoos.

These trends showcase the boundless creativity and experimentation within the beauty community, although some may raise eyebrows more than others.


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