Thank God, not like her mother! What does the daughter of an interesting-looking actress look like?

“Thanks God, she didn’t inherit her mother’s distinctive features”: Discover the striking difference in appearance between a well-known actress and her daughter. 

You may be surprised, but actress Rossi de Palma is included in the list of the most beautiful actresses of our time. You may need some time to digest this information. While you come to your senses, I will show you pictures of Rossi’s heiress, who did not inherit her mother’s extraordinary beauty.

Internet users discussed new pictures of the de Palma heiress in the comments. “What a pretty girl”, “Surprisingly beautiful girl. Mom’s genes are losing”,

“Pretty. Thank God it’s not my mother,” “Russia has incredible energy. It’s not for nothing that she is Almodóvar’s own muse,”

“Very beautiful daughter and mother is also beautiful,” “Gorgeous woman, and the daughter is inferior to her mother in beauty,” I read under Rossi de Palma’s post.

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