«The most beautiful woman in India was disfigured by stylists:😳 Everyone was shocked by 50-year-old Rai’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival!»😱

Fans of the Bollywood diva claim that the most beautiful lady in India was ill-groomed during the Cannes Film Festival.

In the comments, fans of 50-year-old Aishwarya Rai vented their fury. “Tinsel dress,” “Aishwarya looks overweight in this outfit.” “She appears ten years older.” “Why is your stylist so against you?” “Switch stylists right away.”The clothes appear incredibly flimsy as if they were constructed from improvised materials.”

“What a stunning woman, but these are the worst clothes I’ve seen.” “This is the Cannes Film Festival’s worst outfit.” “How were you able to make something like that?” “I’m let down.”

Comments like “Aishwarya looks huge in this dress” have been left under recent images of Aishwarya Rai, 50.

Recall that Aishwarya was referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world” by Angelina Jolie once.

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