“Without arrows and curls..”: Rare shots of Monroe without makeup made a splash on the Internet.

Rare, makeup-free photos of Marilyn Monroe have surfaced, causing a stir online! See the iconic beauty in a new light, without her signature arrows and curls.

No one has yet succeeded in displacing Marilyn Monroe from the pedestal of veneration and imitation.
This legendary blonde has firmly taken her place as a symbol of beauty and femininity. Marilyn’s beauty
has been preserved for centuries in archival photographs. However, the day before, some such footage leaked onto the Internet and caused a lot of noise.

Internet users were able to see what the famous diva looked like without makeup, in a natural look.

“Without makeup, she is ordinary, like everyone else,” “Simple,” You can’t really call her a beauty if you don’t know who she is,” “There are many beautiful people, but Marilyn is alone, unattainable and unforgettable,” “The girl was lovely, what with makeup, what without…”, “There was something touching about her… like a child you want to hug,” Internet users comment on the pictures.

What are your impressions? Do you like Marilyn Monroe without makeup?

ust an ordinary sweet girl, isn’t she?

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