«😲 Arab brides in pictures, both with and without makeup are absolutely different people!Even grooms will not recognize them!😳»

The day of the wedding requires careful planning, particularly in the area of cosmetics application, as it enhances the bride’s beauty.

Pale pink or burgundy lipstick, black eyeliner or eye pencil, thick eyebrows, and long, lush lashes are common components of oriental makeup. As opposed to the natural cosmetics trend, eastern brides frequently choose strong looks like long, broad eyeliner that reaches beyond their upper and lower lids for a stylish “foxy look.” To draw attention to the cheekbones, bronzer and blush are also applied liberally, and contouring helps to define the curve of the nose.

The bride’s brown eyes are brought to light by dark red lipstick, which is further enhanced with black eyeshadow and thick fake eyelashes, creating a transformational appearance.

Well-defined brows enhance the appearance overall, and dark circles and imperfections can be successfully concealed with a tone cream of choice. To prevent it from seeming artificial, matte lipstick in a dusty pink tint or with a gradient effect is advised for the lips.

The bride’s features are enhanced by the matte lipstick in a gentle pink color, even though the peach blush can seem overdone. However, the foundation and powder have been applied somewhat too heavily. Still, the overall difference is remarkable. One bride, in contrast to the strong beauty trend, sports a subtle cosmetic look that is only compromised by the use of fake eyelashes.

One beauty look among the others is particularly striking; it includes a delicate application of highlighter and foundation, which is enhanced with gold eyeshadow, blended eyeliner, and a peachy lip hue to create a cohesive bridal look.

In the end, although oriental traditions tend to encourage strong cosmetic options, a delicate yet striking wedding appearance may be achieved with expert execution, highlighting the bride’s inherent beauty without drawing attention to it.



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