Paparazzi caught Natalie Portman happy and in the company of a man for the first time after her divorce: photo

Natalie Portman was recently spotted looking joyful in the company of a man for the first time since her divorce. Curious about her new chapter and who she was with?

Over the past year, Natalie Portman has suffered a lot: last June it became known that the actress’s husband, Benjamin Millepied, cheated on her with a young environmental activist. The star gave the unfaithful man one more chance, but in the end she could not forgive him . Nevertheless, the actress remains cheerful: after the news about changes in her personal life, she went out into the world , and the other day the paparazzi caught her in a good mood and accompanied by a man.

Natalie’s companion is 28-year-old Irish actor Paul Mescal. The Daily Mail did not specify under what circumstances the stars met, but judging by the footage, they definitely had a fun time. They met, the publication clarifies, only last year, when they interviewed each other as part of a Variety magazine project.

According to the classic scenario, the tabloids would attribute an affair to celebrities, but this case is an exception. Natalie, as you know, is a monogamous woman, and therefore probably took Benjamin’s betrayal seriously. The public is even pleased that Natalie seems at ease and looks as if she has finally let go of recent events.
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