A 317-kilogram woman lost 235 kg and made Internet users cry with admiration.

🌟 From 317 kg to an incredible transformation! Witness the inspiring journey of a woman who shed 235 kg, leaving the internet in awe.

Paulina managed to lose 235 kg. Just think about this figure!
The woman, who not long ago weighed 317 kg, honestly admitted that she had not thought about losing weight if not for the statement of her chosen one.

“Paulina, God knows, if you don’t lose weight, I’ll leave,” my man told me that evening.
The woman turned to the editors of one popular show for help and even decided to have surgery.

Today, Paulina carefully monitors her diet and leads an active lifestyle. “I’m crying.
How I would like to be in your place”, “I went on a diet, but it didn’t work out”, “Simply beautiful and smart”,

“This is willpower”, “How could you let yourself go like that?”, “Why did you let yourself go like that?
This is how you should not love yourself,” Internet users write under photographs of the transformed Paulina.

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