«Despite giving up sports, a mother of six managed to lose 140 pounds.👏 How did she do it, and how does she now look?»🤔

Although it’s difficult to imagine, Lizanne Dale lived with a weight of 64. By the time she was 39, she had succumbed to bulimia, a sugar addiction, and compulsive nibbling, all of which were made worse by the burden of parenting six children.

When Lizanne felt a wave of self-loathing when she gazed in the mirror one day, she broke. At 134 kg, which was double her ideal weight, she realized that this could not continue.

But it took more than simply eating less and moving more to help her lose weight. Due to a particular kind of spinal stenosis that prevented her from engaging in strenuous activity, Lizanne experienced extra difficulties. She continued to eat poorly despite this, which resulted in more weight gain.

Lizanne was determined to change her life, and she realized that she needed to take charge of her nutrition. She resolved to make all of her meals from scratch, staying away from processed foods and choosing better choices, such as homemade pizza with reduced-fat toppings.

The outcomes were astounding: Lizanne lost 63 kg in just eight months without the need for physical activity. She is still active because of her kids, who are happy about her change.

Lizanne still has extra skin, which reminds her of her journey even after losing weight. She nonetheless maintains her optimism, concentrating on her enhanced quality of life and newly discovered pleasure.






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