She was born without both arms and found her happiness: an amazing story about the strength of spirit

Born without arms, she found happiness through incredible strength and resilience. Now she is a mother of two children and you will be amazed when you see how she takes care of them with her legs.

This wonderful woman’s name is Vera. She was born with severe pathologies of the limbs. There were no arms, and the legs varied in length. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the abnormal development, and believed that the girl was doomed to a short life.

Although the hospital advised her to abandon the child, Vera’s parents took her home and surrounded her with their care and love.

Now 35-year-old Vera Feshchuk-Polishchuk is a happy wife and mother of two children. And she lives the life of a full-fledged person.

She worked hard throughout her life to learn to walk and perform basic movements, which could ensure her independence in everyday life.

Vera found great support in her parental family. Her older sisters and brothers are her most loyal friends and helpers.

Vera received her secondary education at a distance school. She learned to write with her feet and had no particular difficulty mastering the program.

She uses her legs to the maximum, demonstrating miracles of agility and surprising those around her.

She experienced the happiness of motherhood twice and, with the help of loved ones, raised a wonderful son and daughter.

Vera took care of herself without outside help even before the birth of her children; with the advent of her babies, she learned to swaddle and do other necessary procedures. This amazing woman teaches everyone a lesson about love of life and optimism.

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