The paparazzi managed to capture a completely gray-haired Monica Bellucci

“It doesn’t suit her”,” Nothing is left from her beauty”: Captured in a rare moment, Monica Bellucci was spotted with her hair completely gray .

It’s hard to believe that the icon of style and beauty is confidently approaching her 60th birthday. Fans admire the beauty of the diva, showering her with compliments. It would seem that Monica is not going to grow old.

However, the other day the paparazzi posted new photos of the diva online, in which Monica appeared to fans completely gray-haired. “And this is already something new”, “It doesn’t suit her”, “And how should we understand this?”,

“This color makes her look old”, “Monica, bring back the previous color”, “Monica has lost a lot”, “No need to experiment anymore”, “Dark ones are better”, “And, in my opinion, it’s very natural and beautiful”,

“This is the reality,” Internet users wrote. What do you think of Monica’s new look? Subscribe in the comments, friends.

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