«There’s Always Time For Love: ❤A 102-year-old woman married her 100-year-old partner at a nursing home!»😍

The relationship between Majory Featherman and Bernie Littman, who had both been married before, started more than nine years ago when they crossed paths in a nursing facility.
Sarah Sicherman, Littman’s granddaughter, expressed the family’s happiness to see him rekindle his friendship. Many were surprised by Littman’s choice to remarry despite their senior age, as he had been married to his late wife Bernice for 65 years.

Rabbi Walberg presided over their wedding, which was different from other modern weddings as the couple’s romance developed organically over time as opposed to using dating apps. Rabbi Walberg emphasized the special nature of their relationship while applauding their depth of connection and life experience.

The couple’s slow transition from friendship to marriage started with their first date nine years ago and ended with them making a choice they both thought was best for them.

With expressions of love and support, family and friends toasted their union and expressed how happy they were to watch them grow as a couple.

Sicherman also said that, with a combined age of almost 202 years, they would soon win the Guinness World Record for the oldest married couple.


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