😰«She Uses Her Feet To Feed And Care For Her Daughter: How Does a Woman Who Was Born Without Arms Handle Her Domestic Tasks?»😳

When Dejana Backo was younger, she had concerns regarding her unusual condition, but as she grew older, she came to appreciate her body and all that it was capable of. She was born without upper limbs, but she’s always been a talented athlete and artist, and she just set new records as a wife and mother.

Dejana, who was born on December 9, 1994, in Novi Sad, had a strong will to follow her hobbies after growing up curious about her physical characteristics. At nine years old, she discovered her creative abilities when she joined the Society of Mouth and Foot Painters. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad and the Design Art School before exhibiting her work around the Balkans.

Dejana, sometimes referred to as the “girl with wings,” has come to represent empowerment in Serbia. Notwithstanding her physical limitations, she excelled in athletics and, in 2019, won the world championship in para taekwondo, a first for Serbia. Dejana celebrated the birth of her first child in February 2023, marking yet another significant occasion.
She missed the 2024 Paralympic Games as a result of her decision to focus on this new chapter, but she is still determined to use social media to spread her message of perseverance.

Dejana’s love of sports inspired her to take up para taekwondo in 2016, and she was successful in doing so. Art is still her passion. She thinks that by keeping a positive view of oneself and emphasizing one’s value, one may overcome adversities.

Dejana is aware of how parenthood has affected her athletic career, but she is determined to overcome the obstacle. She gets used to using her legs to care for her kid and embraces the duties and joys of parenthood with her spouse.

Unconditional love and unwavering dedication were celebrated during their recent marriage, as Dejana posted updates about their family’s journey on social media.
Her narrative demonstrates the strength of love and dedication while offering an encouraging example of success and resiliency in the face of hardship.

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