The guy found out that his friend lives in the garage and came to visit him

Discover the heartwarming moment when a man learns his friend is living in a garage and decides to visit him. What he finds inside it makes him speechless. I bet you will be shocked when you see the photos from inside.

It’s hard to believe, but proper renovation can turn a garage into a real relaxation area. This was proven by the story of a guy named Dmitry. With his own efforts, the man transformed part of the old garage so that he can now spend weeks next to his favorite car.

Yes, upon entering the garage looks just like a regular one. It contains a lot of car accessories, construction debris and strange things.

But in the back of the garage there is a real living room. Dmitry placed a sofa, an armchair and a large table there. This allows him to hang out with friends there.

The garage also has a cooking area. Firstly, there is a gas stove there. Secondly, there is a grill. You can grill kebabs on it at any time of the year.

And an infrared heater under the ceiling even helps warm the garage on cold winter days. Over time, the “kitchen” even had a coffee machine and a microwave!

Surprisingly, the garage even has access to the street. On the street, Dmitry placed a courtyard with a woodpile, a place for barbecue and vines.

According to him, the previous owners had dense thickets of weeds and trash here. This story proves that everything can be repaired and repaired.

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