What do Sharon Stone’s grown-up sons look like now, whom the actress hid for a long time?

Sharon Stone always dreamed of becoming a mother, however, fate decreed otherwise. Sharon and her husband Phil Bronstein tried to have a baby. She was pregnant 9 times, but all of these pregnancies ended tragically. Then the couple decided to adopt. The long-awaited son Rohan appeared in their family. The couple’s marriage lasted 6 years, after which Sharon and Phil separated. The divorce was complicated; the actress was deprived of custody of her son. At the trial, Phil used scenes from the film Basic Instinct against the actress, portraying the actress as an unreliable person.

Stone fought for her son and filed an appeal in court. But it was all in vain. Only after the age of 18 could Rohan resume communication with his mother, at his own request. Sharon was broken, she was deprived of the most important thing. But the actress did not despair. She found happiness in two boys whom she adopted on her own. The actress devoted herself entirely to raising Land and Quinn. The actress tried to protect her sons from her public life. The children had a normal childhood, away from the cameras.

Now the actress’s sons are 16 and 18 years old, they have matured and are not averse to appearing on their famous mother’s social networks. The actress published a family photo, congratulating fans on the holidays. Netizens were delighted with this gesture. Many noted that despite the fact that there is no blood connection between the mother and sons, the young men are very similar to Sharon Stone.

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