🤯«The star of the reality show lost 440 lbs and shocked everyone with her drastic weight loss!»😮

According to Express, Tammy Slaton, the star of the US reality TV series “1000 Pound Sisters,” has opened out about the “amazing changes in her life” that have occurred as she continues to lose weight. Tammy won over followers at the age of 37 by dropping 440 pounds and changing her perspective. Her clothing became too big when she lost a lot of weight, so she had to get a new wardrobe. Notably, for the first time in years, she can now walk on her own.

Tammy used to weigh a scary 700 pounds, but she had bariatric surgery and is now only 280 pounds. She hasn’t weighed this low since she was a teenager. “I had shed more than 100 pounds in the last six months, but I was concerned about that number.
I was around 15 or 16 years old the last time I had that low of a weight. With much delight, Tammy said, “I freaking did it.”Even though Tammy has lost a lot of weight and has extra sagging skin, she is still hopeful that plastic surgery will be able to fix it.

Tammy’s turnaround and the good shift in her conduct and attitude have been praised by her fans, who have bombarded her with supportive remarks. One admirer said, “Wow, Tammy has completely changed. I’ve watched all the seasons.” “She looks completely different on the outside, but her attitude and behavior seem to have taken on a more positive side in everything,” another person observed.

I haven’t wept that much, to be honest,” one person said. “Sometimes the most successful individuals are the ones who are the most obstinate,” another said.
Sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton seek assistance from a bariatric surgeon due to their struggles with weight.

Because they lead sedentary lives, their main source of income is from their well-liked YouTube channel. The Kentucky sisters are now committed to losing weight to be eligible for surgery and to change their lives. The reality program, which debuted in January 2020, follows their weight reduction journey along with their feelings, uncertainties, and anxieties.

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