55-year-old Jennifer Aniston shocked fans by coming out two months after a visit to a plastic surgeon: photo

After a visit to a plastic surgeon Jennifer Aniston came out making her fans shocked. What did she do to herself? You should it by yourself.

A couple of months ago, Jennifer Aniston and her friend Sandra Bullock were caught during a visit to a plastic surgeon: the paparazzi caught the celebrities right at the exit from a clinic specializing in facelifts. There is little surprise here: earlier, the star of “Friends” honestly admitted that in the pursuit of youth she is not afraid of anything. True, just give the public a reason, which is why both Jen and Sandra were harshly criticized after taking pictures together taken by the paparazzi.

Two months after the incident, Jennifer Aniston came out and horrified her fans. They believe that the actress finally decided to undergo plastic surgery, and therefore her face has noticeably changed – and not for the better. Fans rightly noted that Jennifer’s appearance has undergone some changes, especially the area under the eyes and nasolabial folds. “A couple of months ago, photos surfaced of her leaving a plastic surgeon’s office. These are obviously the results. Lots of facelifts,” “Until a few months ago, she didn’t look her age. What happened?”, “Great figure, but unfortunately too many facial procedures make it look weird and I doubt it’s reversible. She should leave her face alone,” “She looked so beautiful at the SAG Awards just in February. What happened to her face?!” – Daily Mail readers are perplexed.

Some users decided that Aniston did not go under the plastic surgeon’s knife, but used fillers and other beauty procedures – hence the terrifying effect. Sometimes, they say, it is better to turn to good old plastic surgery than to beauty injections, which are not always beneficial.

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