Completely naked Heidi Klum showed how she celebrated her 51st birthday in the company of her lover and children

Even Jennifer Lopez would envy her luxurious figure. Completely naked Heidi Klum showed how she celebrated her 51st berthday. You should see her photos by yourself.

Model Heidi Klum turned 51 the other day. It’s hard to believe this, given how the celebrity looks and behaves: even Jennifer Lopez would envy her luxurious figure and radiant smile. Heidi met her new age in the company of her closest ones – her husband Tom Kaulitz and children. The model published pictures from the celebration on her personal blog on a banned social network.

In addition to the touching family photos with the sweet caption “Everything I could wish for,” there were also more piquant photos. Heidi, as we well remember from the story of her youngest daughter Leni, loves to sunbathe topless and does not see any obstacles to this – even her teenage daughter’s friends at a party are not able to stop her. On her birthday, Klum, it seems, also did not give up sunbathing and captured herself in all her glory right by the pool.

We are not going to judge Heidi Klum – after all, she is the birthday girl! And what can you say if she herself admits: people are sometimes offended by her naked antics, but she can’t do anything about it, because the main thing is to remain herself. “I think you have to stay authentic. I am a woman who loves to be feminine, sometimes loud and bright. And there are other women. If I annoy people with this, all they have to do is unfollow me. It’s just a small push of a button. Everyone should be who they are and who they want to be. I don’t pretend that I’m different just because this or that person may not like me for who I am,” The Mirror quotes the celebrity.

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