«It was reay unexpected!😮 When the 48-year-old star revealed a photo of herself holding her child, her fans were surprised!»😍

The 48-year-old artist Sia shocked fans by disclosing her new position as a mother, despite her preference for seclusion. Friends’ heartfelt social media photos featuring Sia with her newborn baby broke the news.

In the publicly published images, a glowing Sia can be seen softly holding her infant in a beige Ergo backpack that has adorable balloon horns perched on Sia’s headband. Sia is wearing a flowy, cream-colored dress.
After two years of dating, Sia married Dan Bernard in 2023, marking the start of her parenthood adventure. In a covert ceremony held in Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana’s Portofino residence, the pair exchanged vows.

One of the most memorable aspects of the little wedding was Sia’s dress, a fitted “mermaid” lace gown with button embellishments in a delicate “dusty rose” color.
Sia welcomed two teens, Che and Desani, into her family through adoption in 2019, before she became a mother once again.

Sia experienced a profound transformation as a result of the adoption choice, which instilled in her a sense of hard limits and taught her important lessons in patience and compassion.
When one of Sia’s adopted kids had a baby of his own in 2020, she relished the position of grandma, and her journey took yet another unexpected turn.

Sia’s life is still changing as a result of her experiences as a mother and grandmother, which reflects her unshakable dedication to love, family, and personal development.

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