«Natalie Portman was seen by paparazzi for the first time since her divorce: 😯She Looks So Happy Talking to a Handsome Young Guy.»❤

Natalie Portman has had difficulties over the previous year, starting with news in June of her husband Benjamin Milpier’s adultery with a teenage environmental activist. Even though she gave him another opportunity at first, Portman finally realized she could never forgive him. Despite this internal strife, the actress has remained optimistic.

Since her marriage troubles became public, she has been sighted out and about, most recently with a male partner. She appears to be in high spirits.
Irish actor Paul Mescal, 28, is rumored to be Portman’s partner.

Pictures appear to show they had a good time together, even if Daily Mail has not revealed the specifics of their encounter. They seem to have linked during a joint interview for a project with Variety magazine last year.

Unlike the usual tabloid story, there hasn’t been any conjecture regarding a love relationship between Mescal and Portman. Being well-known for her monogamous lifestyle, Portman probably went through a lot of emotional pain after her spouse betrayed her.

Witnesses take comfort in her seeming calm, taking it as evidence that she has moved over her recent setbacks. Portman hinted at her unwillingness to linger on the subject of her husband’s alleged adultery when she replied succinctly to rumors of it in February. This reserve fits with her inclination to keep personal affairs private and dignified.

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