A friend invited me to celebrate her birthday at the dacha. Externally an ordinary house, but inside a palace: photo

A month ago I visited a friend at her dacha. The occasion was her name day. She herself is from the village, so since childhood she has loved the garden and animals. That’s why she wanted to have a dacha.

My friends and I bought gifts and went to celebrate. While the entire male half was chatting in the yard and preparing the grill, the girls and I went into the house to help the hostess with cooking.
She had a small dacha, like all ordinary people. From the outside the house looked simple and unremarkable, but inside everything turned out to be very luxurious.
When I entered the house, I could not utter a word. I was so amazed by what was inside.
The entire style of the house was chosen in one direction. Despite the small area, the design struck me with its taste and beauty.
Every item in the house was matched to each other. An elegant staircase led to the second floor.

And on the second floor there was a bedroom, where there was a large comfortable bed. Very cozy and conducive to relaxation.

The living room is also very cozy and everything is quite compact. It starts immediately from the front door. There is enough space for both relaxing and eating.

There is also a wardrobe and a TV. Although the place here is small, my friend does not live here permanently, but comes to relax in the summer. Although this situation is more like a permanent residence.

She even managed to fit the kitchen into the interior. A corner was allocated for it.

I really, really liked my friend’s dacha. I immediately wanted one for myself. Here you can’t do normal renovations in the apartment, but here there is a stylish and beautiful interior in a holiday home.

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