Hailey Bieber showed a photo shoot in which she starred in her fourth month of pregnancy: fans are surprised

Hailey Bieber shares stunning photos from a pregnancy shoot at four months, leaving fans surprised and delighted by her radiant glow. 🌟🤰

Hailey Bieber’s birth is just around the corner: she told fans the good news only when she was six months pregnant. All this time, the star managed to carefully hide her situation – even attentive fans did not suspect anything. Either fans did not expect that Haley and Justin were ready to become parents, or they were focused on rumors about discord in their family . At the same time, the model endlessly posted selfies – other stars can only envy Haley’s conspiracy skills.

Moreover, during these six months the model did not sit still and actively worked. Today she published footage from a photo shoot for the Yves Saint Laurent brand, in which she took part while expecting a child. “I was filming in the fourth month. With a small bean in his stomach,” the celebrity commented on the footage. Her followers noted that even if she had published the pictures right away, no one would have guessed that the Biebers were expecting a new addition. Hayley’s face hasn’t changed at all, and she hasn’t gained a bit yet. Future mothers, we are sure, are already asking the star for recommendations.

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