How Brad Pitt reacted to the fact that his own daughter Shiloh refused her father’s surname

How did Brad Pitt react when Shiloh refused to take his surname? 😲 Find out the actor’s surprising response and the impact on their family dynamics. You would never expect such a response from him.

Until recently, Brad Pitt and his fans still had hope that his eldest daughter Shiloh would not succumb to Angelina Jolie’s provocations and would not renounce her father. Alas, as soon as Shiloh turned 18, she immediately filed documents to renounce his last name . Of course, the actor found out about this, if not from friends, then from the tabloids. But how he reacted was still unknown.

However, it was easy to guess. A People source said that Brad was more upset by this news than when his stepchildren boycotted him. He has special feelings for Shiloh. “He felt no greater joy than when she was born. He always wanted a daughter. Nevertheless, the “loss” of the other children is terrible for him. He loves them and misses them,” the insider shared. His beloved Ines de Ramon helps him cope with the “pain”. She, the informant said earlier, became the first person whom the actor trusted during the years of proceedings with Angelina.

By the way, it was previously reported that the mother of many children did not influence Shiloh’s decision. However, fans remember the revelation of Jolie’s former bodyguard, who revealed : the actress for some time encouraged the children’s negative attitude towards their father and even urged them not to communicate with him. Moreover, information has repeatedly appeared in the press about how much Shiloh loves her dad and dreams of reconciling her parents .

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