It doesn’t happen that way. Ornella Muti deprived her neighbors of peace by going out onto the balcony

The star of the film “The Taming of the Shrew” refused to grow old. 68 year old  Ornella Muti Ornella Muti stirred up her neighborhood by stepping out onto her balcony, causing quite the commotion! 🌟 

I’ll tell you a secret that the incomparable and charming Ornella Muti (real name Francesca Romana Rivelli) is 68 years old.
She was born in Rome on March 9, 1955. Her father is a Neapolitan journalist. Mother, Ilse Renata Krause, a Baltic German, was born in Estonia.
The actress’s grandparents were born in St. Petersburg, from where they moved to Estonia

It’s hard to believe that in just 2 years Muti will celebrate his 70th birthday.
If you grow old, then this is the only way. The other day, Ornella deprived her neighbors of peace by appearing on the balcony in a kit.

It seems that the actress decided to remind her peers that age is just numbers in a passport.

“What a luxurious lady”, “It just doesn’t happen? A 68-year-old woman cannot preserve herself so beautifully”, “Ornella, you are a role model”, “The best”,

“Tell him this is her young twin. Is it possible to be so beautiful at 68 years old?”

“You have great genes,” I read under Muti’s photos. Did we manage to surprise you?

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