A close friend of Bianca Censori told how the girl behaves when Kanye West is not around: “Clothes become normal”

Bianca Censori’s behavior changes drastically when Kanye West isn’t around. A close friend of Bianca Censori reveals the truth. You will be shocked !!

If earlier for a phenomenal jump in popularity, budding Hollywood celebrities had to do something shocking, for example, allegedly accidentally leaking a recording of their home video (as Kim Kardashian once did), then today you can do without videos for adults. All you have to do is start an affair—even a short one—with Kanye West. However, even here there is no shockingness. But what fame the rapper’s girls receive in return is unthinkable! The eternally naked Bianca Censori is a completely unique case. Her every appearance in the world in a pillow or only tights is discussed by all the world’s tabloids, and there are so many mysteries and secrets around her marriage with Kanye that even a user far from the world of stars will not sleep peacefully until he finds out what is happening there.

But in reality there is not so much shocking. Contrary to all the rumors that West holds his wife under a tight rein, dictating to her what to wear, what to eat and what to say, Bianca is an independent girl. She actively participates in what color tights she will wear today, and works with her stylist on her “naked” looks. And all this is part of a big performance! Censori’s friends claim that when Kanye and the paparazzi are not around, she again turns into a normal person who does not need to flaunt everything that nature has bestowed.

A close friend of the girl spoke about their recent meeting. She told Page Six that she was pleasantly surprised to see Bianca in casual clothes at dinner with her parents. “If you look at the press you’d think she’s gone crazy, so it’s nice to see her with her family as the person we remember. Clothing becomes normal… There is nothing to indicate that time spent with Kanye has a lasting effect,” the publication’s interlocutor shared. She also noted that some acquaintances perceive her as a mannequin for her ex-husband Kim Kardashian , but this statement is outrageous. Bianca just does her job while still managing to be herself away from the cameras. “She must be balancing her time with him and still be able to live a normal life,” the girl concluded. Okay, let’s breathe out!

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