He is beaming with happiness, and her eyes are wet. Cage was photographed walking with his young wife

Nicolas Cage beams with happiness while walking with his young wife, whose eyes appear wet with emotion. You should see this couple’s tender moment.

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has 5 marriages, 4 of which ended in divorce. The other day, the paparazzi managed to capture Cage and his wife on the streets of Los Angeles. The actor, according to his fans, glows with happiness, which cannot be said about Nicholas’s young beloved.

Let us remind you that Riko Shibata is 31 years younger than the Hollywood star, and without makeup the woman looks even younger. “Is she even 18? She looks 14 years old”, “An odd couple, inharmonious”,

“And you can’t say that this is husband and wife. It’s like a grandfather and granddaughter”, “The age difference is striking”, “They look strange, at least”, “Cage has a weakness for Japanese women”, “Beautiful couple”,

“The main thing is that they are happy with each other,” “Like dad and daughter,” “She looks like a 12-year-old,” you can read under the photos of Nicholas and Rico.

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