It became known why Jennifer Lopez actually provoked rumors of a divorce from Ben Affleck – you will be surprised

It became known why Jennifer Lopez sparked rumors of a divorce from Ben Affleck. Nobody expected such a thing from JLo. You will be shocked when you know the reason.

While we pursed our lips sympathetically, reading the news about Jennifer Lopez’s failures both in her personal life and in her work, she seems to be not worried so much. Indeed, in reality, as it turned out, not everything is so sad for Jen. And if the concert tour failed (or rather, ended before it even began), then there are clearly glimmers of light in the relationship with Ben Affleck .

The Mirror managed to find out that rumors about a possible celebrity divorce could have been provoked by J. Lo herself in order to divert attention from her career collapse. Let us remind you that long before the official cancellation of the tour there were rumors that everything was really bad for the singer: sales were record low, for some of the concerts not even half of the tickets were sold, and the addition of old time-tested hits to the program did not improve the situation in any way. Sources with whom the publication was able to talk believe that the pop diva came up with this whole joke about problems in her marriage so that talk about her failure would not come to the fore.

“It’s no surprise that the divorce rumors surrounding her and Ben were created to distract attention from her career collapse. Celebrities often use speculation and rumors, especially during difficult times in their careers. Gossip about divorce or distractions in your personal life can sometimes be used as a strategy to divert attention from any professional setbacks,” said public relations expert Maya Riaz. It is also clarified that despite all Jen’s calculations, canceling the tour is still a blow to her reputation. However, in this case, she chose the lesser evil, because seeing a world star perform in a half-empty hall is an even greater humiliation.

Well, we, of course, knew that Jennifer Lopez is a fighting and determined woman, but the story of marriage problems seems to have gone too far. Of course, it could still be exactly the opposite. But, one way or another, now we at least know that she has someone to cry into her vest because of the failure of the tour.

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