Jackson’s 67-year-old sister La Toya turned into an exact copy of the singer after plastic surgery

After undergoing plastic surgery, La Toya Jackson, 67, has transformed into an almost exact replica of her brother Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s older sister turned 67 years old. How quickly time flies. After all, quite recently we saw on our screens a young dancer and singer who was not inferior in talent to her famous relatives. The other day, La Toya recorded a video message, leaving fans speechless.

Imagine the surprise of Internet users when they saw an exact copy of Michael Jackson on their screens. It seems that La Toya followed in the footsteps of her star brother, irrevocably spoiling her beauty.
“What did she do?”, “How can I forget this?”, “Can’t her relatives see what she did to herself?”, “How sad it is,” “Poor women. What lengths do they go to in order to prolong their youth”
“This is very sad,” “I have no words. She was a beauty”
“We all remember La Toya in her youth. It was impossible to take your eyes off her beauty,” “She probably regretted plastic surgery, but it’s too late,” I read under Jackson’s post.
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