“The genetic lottery has been won”: daughter Catherine Zeta-Jones surpasses her mother in beauty

Winning the genetic lottery! Catherine Zeta-Jones’ daughter is taking the spotlight, surpassing her mother in beauty. Fans are in awe of her stunning looks and elegance. 🌟👑✨

C. Zeta-Jones is an eminent and talented British actress, whom you could see in many world bestsellers.

She participated in such films and television series as: “Zorro”, “Wednesday”, “Ocean’s Twelve” and others. The actress raised two wonderful children – a son and a daughter. Dylan Michael Douglas celebrated his twenty-second birthday this year and many write under photographs of him that the guy has grown up handsome.

The woman also has a daughter, nineteen-year-old Keri Zeta-Douglas, who surprises her mother’s fans. She surprises them with her photographs and videos, which she actively shares on social networks.

In them, the girl resembles her star mother, but many write that she has grown up and become even more beautiful than the world actress.

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