««Zeta-Jones who is 54, and Douglas who is 79, boasted about their adult heirs!What do the look like now?»🤔

Hollywood’s longest-lasting pair, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have celebrated 24 years of wedded bliss—a partnership that many questioned from the beginning. A lot of people were speculating in the media about whether their relationship would last considering their significant age gap. Despite the doubts, Catherine and Michael have disproved the opinions of their detractors.

Carys and Dylan, the actress’s two children, have inherited their parents’ remarkable looks. To the joy of their followers, the couple recently revealed pictures of their adult children.

Online observers praised the siblings profusely, praising their attractiveness and pointing out how much they all appeared to resemble one of their well-known parents. Admirers were astounded by how well Catherine and Michael’s characteristics blended into the look of their kids.

Participate in the discussion and let us know whether you think Cary looks like her mother.

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