“This pose will never go out of fashion!”: Salma Hayek called for comparing her figure in a swimsuit with the one she had in 1999

Salma Hayek recently invited fans to compare her current swimsuit figure with her look from 1999, showcasing her timeless beauty and ageless physique.Check out the comparison in the comments 
Salma Hayek showed changes in her body. The actress repeated her own photo from an advertising campaign for a famous brand.

The 57-year-old silver screen star has kept herself in shape throughout her career. Salma loves outdoor activities, especially seaside ones. According to the actress, the ocean allows her to “renew herself.” It’s no surprise that bikini photos are commonplace for Hayek.

Today, the chosen one of billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault compared pictures from 1999 and 2020. Both frames show Salma’s toned, feminine figure. In the first photo, the From Dusk Till Dawn star lies on her side, resting her head on her hand. She posed in a brown bikini with silver hardware and short-cropped dark brown hair.

The actress wore no jewelry. She was given makeup with black pencil, highlighting her eyes. The post was then followed by a picture that said “Two Decades Later” with an arrow pointing to her next upload in the carousel.

In the second photo, Salma was lying on her side, just like in 1999. This time she’s wearing a brown one-piece suit, sunglasses and a cowboy hat. Hayek now wears long, thick locks of hair. The star took some creative liberties and posed for the second photo while stretching out on the edge of the pool. Her eyes were covered with sunglasses.

Then Hayek completely removed her summer accessory and dipped her thick curls into the water. Salma couldn’t help but add a little comedy to the mix. She posted a photo of her photographer Edgar Ramirez, copying her pose and leaning over the side of the pool.

“Some poses never go out of style. H&M campaign 1999, Édgar Ramírez L’officiel 2020,” Hayek captioned the pictures. Fans of the actress gave her many compliments. However, it was not without criticism. Salma is still reproached for her marriage to Pino , who left the pregnant Linda Evangelista for her.

“Salma only married an old man for money, that’s where she lost my respect”, “You’re forever hot!”, “You’re so glamorous, like a Latina supermodel”, “It’s just a guitar woman”, “As you age, you look better, you’re so beautiful,” “You ’re getting better with age ,” the followers said.


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