Will Smith went out with a stranger, who is called a copy of his ex-wife Jada Pinkett: photo

Will Smith was recently spotted out with a woman who bears a striking resemblance to his ex-wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The uncanny similarity has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans.

Last October, Jada Pinkett Smith shocked the public with her announcement of her separation from Will Smith. Imagine the surprise of fans when it turned out that the couple separated back in 2016, but all this time they kept the breakup a secret! However, even after the truth was made public, Jada and Will did not stop playing lovers, appearing together at events and dedicating touching posts to each other on social networks. The fans threw up their hands in bewilderment and wondered: is Will’s love for his ex-wife so strong, or is he simply unable to find the strength to leave her completely? But it turns out that not everything is so simple.

The day before, the premiere of the new part of the action movie “Bad Boys” with Smith in one of the main roles took place. On this occasion, he came out not alone, but in the company of a mysterious stranger, who, fans rightly noted, is an exact copy of his ex-wife. The shaved head, the style… All this reminded the public of Jada. And now fans probably know which girls the Men in Black star prefers.

By the way, the girl has already been noticed next to the actor. They were first seen together in December last year, but then this appearance was left without due attention – all the tabloids focused on Smith’s separation from the mother of his children.

Who exactly the stranger is to Will is not specified. However, users would be glad to know that Smith has finally found his happiness away from Jada – they have an extremely biased attitude towards the actress.

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