65-year-old Madonna held a real casting to find a new boyfriend: what requirements did the singer put forward to the candidates?

Madonna, 65, recently held a casting call to find a new boyfriend, outlining specific requirements for the candidates. What are her requirements? Read more in the comments

Not long ago, Madonna announced her breakup with her boyfriend Josh Popper, and within a couple of days she was suspected of having a new romance, also with a boxer who, like her previous boyfriend, is half her age. However, as it turned out, fans and the press were wrong on this score: the pop diva has yet to find a new boyfriend. And for this she arranged a real audition.

Life&Style reports that the singer is now in the midst of some kind of casting for the role of a boyfriend. The requirements are classic: Madonna’s man must be sexy, athletic, passionate, funny, and most importantly, she must feel a spark between them. It turns out that the celebrity has been practicing such interviews for a long time. After breaking up with director Guy Ritchie, she decided that she would no longer allow herself to suffer because of matters of the heart, and since then she has treated her lovers the same way as the rest of her employees. “She interviews all the best candidates and then chooses the winner,” an insider told the portal.

The lucky person Madonna chooses will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and several other papers. If the artist decides to leave the guy, he won’t just leave her. “When she gets tired of them or they stop satisfying her on all levels, she usually lets them go with a nice “farewell package” to leave them with pleasant emotions,” added the L&S source. At the moment, the French singer Eric Labat has the best chance. If everything works out, he will become Madonna’s new lover – exactly until she gets tired of it.

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