Athlete and beauty: Tom Cruise’s 18-year-old daughter was spotted jogging

🏃‍♀️ Spotted: Tom Cruise’s 18-year-old daughter, an athlete and beauty, was seen jogging and looking stunning!
Suri devotes a lot of time to sports.

18-year-old Suri,  daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes , is not lazy to exercise even in hot weather. The paparazzi spotted the girl jogging in New York’s Central Park.

The celebrity heiress wore a simple white tank top, black cycling shorts and sneakers.

Cruz pulled her hair into a ponytail and put on oversized headphones.

The girl did not pay any attention to the photographers, running along the shady paths of the park alone.

Suri lives a fairly private life. She is now planning to go to college to study fashion.

The schoolgirl has applied to several educational institutions across the country, but hopes to stay in New York near her family, an insider tells  Hello magazine .


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