«Blood is thicker than water!» What Klum’s and Seal’s grown-up children look like resulted in mixed reactions

Klum and Seal had four children who have already grown up! 😲😍 Seal has made public appearance with the kids and stormed the network! 🤯🤫See whom they look like more in this article! 👇👇👇

Lately, celebrated and outstanding musician Seal has made rare appearance at «The Book of Clarence» together with his children from his ex-wife, former supermodel H. Klum and evoked public interest.

Their special bond could be felt even through the screen. They displayed their close-knit relationship and became the main stars of the event. It should be mentioned that the musician shares a deep bond with Leni, his stepdaughter whom he accepted as his own.

Their tight connection was called «everything». The children of the former couple have already grown up and share uncanny similarity with both of their parents who provided a supportive home for the four of them.

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