Naomi Campbell, 54, gave a rare comment about her daughter, whose face and name she hides: “This world is merciless.”

Naomi Campbell, 54, shared a rare comment about her daughter, whose face and name she keeps private, emphasizing the need to protect her from a merciless world.

The supermodel became a mother for the first time when she turned 50, and three years later she suddenly announced that she now has two children . Naomi Campbell, as fans and Western media believe, either adopted the babies or resorted to the help of a surrogate mother. By the way, she denied the first rumor after the birth of her daughter, saying: “She was not adopted. This is my child”. Be that as it may, the star values ​​his heirs very much and is in no hurry to share details. She does not reveal their father’s identity or names, nor does she show her face.

The day before, Naomi, during an interview with The Times, gave an extremely rare comment about her daughter, which made her fans incredibly happy. She recalled her experience as a model at the age of 15 – at this age she first appeared for Elle magazine – and emphasized that she did not want the same fate for her heiress. “I’m not sure I’ll let her start working at 15. This world is merciless,” said the model. By the way, the girl has already starred for the cover of British Vogue in 2022: this is the first and only official shot of the eldest heiress Campbell.

Paparazzi nevertheless periodically catch Naomi with her heirs during walks. And once the supermodel herself lit up the girl’s face in a video shared by one of the guests at the star’s birthday party.

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