🚨 Heartbreaking yet inspiring: The young girl known as the ‘Batman Mask Girl’ had to leave Russia to continue her treatment abroad. What does she look like after several operations??

For the second year now, Krasnodar doctors have been removing a birthmark from the face of a baby from the United States.

The American girl Luna Fenner, whom Krasnodar doctors are helping to get rid of a melanocytic nevus – a huge birthmark all over her face, returned to the USA with her mother. The baby’s treatment is not over, but the family’s Russian visa was not extended.

“Our visa expired yesterday.”

Luna has already flown to the United States and met with her father, the baby’s mother said on June 7. The girl will still need operations in Russia, but for this she needs to wait for a new visa to be issued.

“We had three days to buy a plane ticket and return home because our visa expired yesterday. I thought we would be able to complete all operations, but no. But let’s accept God’s plans because he knows everything and relax at home with our family. Now it’s time to wait for permission from the Russian consulate in order to return as soon as possible,” wrote the girl’s mother.

Last operation left

The Krasnodar clinic where Luna is being treated assured that the girl will soon return for final procedures.

“Initially, the Russian consulate issued them a visa until June 6, but, according to the rules, the girl and her mother could be in Russia until the 15th. However, we decided not to take risks and not to break the law, but to send Luna home to rest until they were issued a new visa. It’s good that during the total ban on entry into the country, Russia allowed them to do this without hindrance,” doctors told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According to them, the girl has one last operation left to undergo. “There is a complexity. Luna’s nevus has grown into her eyebrows, so she will have to remove it. Otherwise, everything is normal,” the doctors explained.

During previous operations in the Krasnodar clinic they were able to almost completely remove the birthmark from Luna’s face. Doctors removed the nevus from the nose, cheeks and forehead, leaving only small dark areas under the eyes and on the eyebrows.

Moon in Krasnodar

Luna became known to the world after her mother shared her daughter’s story on social networks. The baby was nicknamed “the girl with the Batman mask.” In the USA, Luna’s parents were offered to perform about 80 operations on their child for 400 thousand dollars, and the treatment was supposed to last for five years.

But doctors from Krasnodar learned about Luna from the Internet and invited the girl to receive treatment in Russia. Doctors have proposed a more humane way to get rid of nevus – without surgery, through photodynamic procedures.

In the fall of 2019, Luna flew to Russia with her mother, and in October the child underwent the first operation. The girl’s treatment was fully paid for by a Russian businessman – he donated 60 thousand dollars and wished to remain anonymous.

Luna suffers from a rare but very dangerous disease. Melanocytic nevus occurs in one in 20,000 newborns and over time can develop into an aggressive form of skin cancer.

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