«An odd animal cub was saved by a man, and as it grew older, it became a great companion!»😲

Florida native Jeffrey Longo found a little animal one day while strolling around his community. The small animal was breathing heavily as it lay unmoving on the sidewalk. Jeffrey examined it more closely and saw that it was no bigger than his index finger.

Jeffrey was immediately alarmed to see that the little critter was in critical need of medical attention to survive. At first, unsure of the species it belonged to, Jeffrey took a picture and looked for information online. He was able to identify the infant as a flying squirrel that was probably just born with the help of online users.

As the caregiver, Jeffrey carefully restored the squirrel’s health, giving it the loving name Cookie.
Cookie stayed close to Jeffrey, tucked under his breast pocket, for the first few months. As Cookie developed, she started to investigate her surroundings and even bonded with the two dogs that Jeffrey had as additional pets. The dogs accepted Cookie into their pack.

Though Jeffrey had originally planned to release Cookie into the wild when she was old enough, vets told him she wouldn’t be able to live on her own. Rather, he decided to give Cookie a loving home, and she is currently well taken care of by him.

In addition to saving Cookie’s life, Jeffrey’s kind act toward her has improved his own because she is now a valued member of his family.

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