Meet the inspiring girls who defied all odds and differences to achieve their dreams. After losing the most important part of their bodies for a dancer they managed to accomplish the impossible. Who are these girls ??

Just smart girls, real heroines. Who do you think should be admired?

Probably every girl at some point in her life dreams of becoming a ballerina. It’s easy to “flutter” around the stage in an airy snow-white tutu, like a beautiful delicate butterfly… What could be more beautiful?

Of course, most of us at that time do not realize how complex and difficult the work of a professional dancer actually is. And therefore, for most, their childhood dream is soon forgotten, and parents are often against it, wanting only the best for their daughters.

But there are also those rare few who are ready to do anything to achieve their dreams. The girls we want to tell you about are real heroines, whose fortitude anyone would envy. They were not afraid of difficulties, although, due to their physical characteristics, it is many times more difficult for them to master the profession of a ballerina than their healthy peers. But they managed to accomplish the almost impossible.

Gaby Shull

This young ballerina lost her leg due to an aggressive form of bone cancer. However, Gabi did not give up, later continuing her studies after treatment with a special prosthesis. Gabi’s story spread all over the world and simply shocked everyone who saw the tenacity and strength of the young dancer.

Pollyanna Hope

Pollyanna was a two-year-old baby when she rubbed her foot in a car accident. The girl dreamed of dancing from early childhood, and her parents managed to find a specialist who developed a prosthesis that allows her not only to dance, but also to make high jumps. Today Polianna is doing what she loves and cannot imagine herself in any other profession.

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