Locked away in a chest for 12 years, the story of this girl will leave you speechless. Discover how she survived this unimaginable ordeal and what her life is like now. 🌟📖

Frost on the skin! This is not a woman, but some kind of monster. How could she do this?

This story is hard to believe. If it weren’t for the numerous programs in which Masha Mikhalitsyna became the heroine, I would never have believed in the veracity of what happened. Masha was born in 1977 in a small village in the Kirov region. Maria spent the first 12 years of her life in a chest. Yes, you got it right. The fate of the little girl was predetermined by her parent, who placed the girl in the chest.

Masha’s mother worked as a milkmaid. The woman led a closed life, being known as “strange” in her native village. No one suspected the woman was pregnant. Masha’s mother managed to masterfully hide her interesting situation from strangers. An unsociable woman brought milk and pies to her dog Mickey every day, periodically letting the dog run around in the yard, while her daughter did not even have the opportunity to crawl around the house.

One fine day, the woman did not go to work, and her friends decided to visit the woman, asking if she had fallen ill? The women immediately realized that Masha’s parent had left this world, however, they were interested in the fidgeting in the chest. The women found Masha: dirty, with unkempt hair. The girl swore and called Mickey. The women called the local police officer.


At the age of 12, the girl’s height reached only 60 cm. Masha’s spine was curved, and her limbs atrophied due to the awkward position. After her mother left, 12-year-old Masha saw a new world. Today Maria is a cheerful and cheerful person. She tries not to remember her past, enjoying her new life.

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