Anna, who gave birth to a son from a man weighing only 20 kg and confined to a wheelchair, shares how her son has grown up today.

This is how disappointed you have to be to look for your chosen one on sites for people with disabilities. The boy is a miracle!❤️

Life is sometimes not inferior to TV series with twisted plots. Today I want to tell you about a simple girl from Kazakhstan. Anna was so lonely and disappointed in life that she sought understanding on websites for people with disabilities, where she could communicate with someone who was just as lost and lonely as she was.

Anna was inspired by Gregory’s letter, who complained that people did not value ordinary things that were inaccessible to him. At the time of her acquaintance with Gregory, Anna was even thinking about entering a monastery. However, the girl reconsidered her decision after talking with a guy with kind eyes.

Soon Gregory sent the girl a full-length photo of himself. It would seem that this photo should have dotted all the i’s, but Anna turned out to be not one of the shy ones. The girl traveled 3,000 km to meet her chosen one. The first meeting was decisive and the couple instantly fell in love.

It is worth noting that Gregory was born an absolutely healthy boy. Over time, Grisha’s parents realized that their son had stopped growing, and every step the child took caused him great discomfort. Grisha’s parents tried all methods, however, attempts to save their son’s health were in vain.

Many accused Anna of selfish purposes, believing that the beauty connected her life with a person with disabilities only for the sake of registration. Few people realized that the couple lived in a rented apartment, and Grisha’s only income was his pension.

Despite all the arguments and gossip, the couple soon got married. Now Grigory and Anna are raising a little son. Fortunately, the boy was born completely healthy. Anna took on all the responsibilities of caring for her husband. The woman spoon-feeds her chosen one, washes him and even brushes Grisha’s teeth. Gregory develops websites and maintains a personal blog. The couple is happy and does not complain about the problems they face on a daily basis.

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