«8,000 Champagne Bottles and a Creative Idea:😮 The Man Selected a Different Approach to Construct a Cottage!»🤔

Zaporizhzhya resident Volodymyr Sysa built an amazing home with a distinctive superstructure on top. Champagne bottles served as the main building block for Sysa’s unusual invention, according to “Position” magazine.
When Volodymyr found a picture of an odd glassware home in a magazine in the 1980s, it gave him the idea to construct a glass palace. He started gathering empty bottles in the hopes of one day realizing his vision and being driven to complete a comparable undertaking.

To make his goal come true, Sysa collected an incredible 8,000 empty bottles for 20 years. Sysa persisted in her search for an unusual building material despite the difficulties she encountered, finding bottles at restaurants, parks, social events, and even garbage cans.

Because domestically made bottles had thicker glass than imported ones, he insisted on using them.
Sysa’s laborious efforts culminated in a magnificent architectural masterpiece on his country plot—a home that was more than just a practical structure but a true palace.

The home has exceptional thermal qualities, despite the glass structure’s delicate look. All-year-round comfort is ensured by the trapped air inside the bottles, which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Prospective purchasers were drawn to Sysa’s extraordinary invention, and bids were made that reached one million hryvnias.

Sysa, on the other hand, declined, hesitant to give up a project to which he had dedicated years of love and many hours of work.

Do you like his job? What other unusual ways do you know?

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