«If mother wants, she can! 🤔Wilson, Kelly Osbourne’s kid, had a significant name change announced.»😮

The first child of Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend, Sid Wilson, born in 2022, was given the name Sidney Wilson.
However, Osbourne was never fond of a particular part of their child’s name, and she was unable to convince Wilson to have it altered. Continue reading to find out how the couple chose a name for their kid.

At a recent “The Osbournes” podcast, Osbourne, 39, discussed “the biggest fight” she’s ever had with her spouse.
The lady said, “I wanted to name our son after both of us, but Sid wouldn’t let me.”

“We got into a fierce fight. Though I feel like I was forced to do something against my will, I will never be able to forgive him for that. We can go on.
Though Wilson insisted on giving their kid solely his surname, Osbourne felt that in the end, he would come around to her point of view. Though a great deal of convincing would be necessary,.
Our son’s name will be officially changed to match both of our last names following several enlightening discussions and some couples counseling.

At last, he has realized the truth.”Since we both contributed to the birth of our child, he ought to bear our last names,” she remarked.
Who should have the last say on a child’s surname, in your opinion? Tell us what you think about Facebook.

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