Rihanna came out without a wig or extensions for the first time in a long time – fans are shocked

Rihanna steps out without a wig or extensions for the first time in ages, leaving fans in shock.

This has never happened before, and here it is again: another star is going to captivate fans not with a new track, but with her own brand of hair care products. Beyoncé did it before, and now Rihanna did it. Having made a good name for herself as the creator of cool cosmetics, the singer decided to explore another niche and announced the creation of Fenty Hair (apparently, the music album is again postponed indefinitely). In connection with the release of the product, Ri came up with a very unusual advertising move and decided to show what her hair really looks like.

Daily Mail writes that for the first time in a long time, the pop diva showed her natural hair – before, she changed wigs one after another or used strands of extensions, which, by the way, also surprised fans. Now Ri proudly wears a short haircut – and the effect this time has surpassed all previous ones.

Many appreciated Rihanna’s gesture and rightly noted that she saved herself a couple of extra hours of working on her hair. “This must be much cooler than wearing a heavy wig,” one fan suggested. Others complain that this kind of coming out happened too late – in order to show her real hairstyle, the singer needed to launch her own hair cosmetics! And the zest, fans say, has also disappeared somewhere, and from now on the Umbrella performer looks much more like an ordinary person than a superstar.

All this, of course, is interesting, but we don’t undertake to judge Rihanna – we love her with both long hair and short hair. After all, you can’t cut off your natural charisma along with your hair. But here’s what’s really surprising: why did the singer need a voluminous fur coat in the June heat in New York? Fans are confident that baby number three is on the way.

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