Shocked by reality! A guy’s expectations crumbled when he saw his girlfriend without makeup for the first time. You will be shocked too, when you see her without make-up. 

Obviously, the guy didn’t love her at all. The girl did the right thing and wisely

Barbara shared her story on her Instagram page. The girl was always shy and tried to hide all her “shortcomings” with the help of cosmetics. Barbara began sharing her beauty secrets with her subscribers, who sincerely considered the girl to be their ideal. I would like to note that over 300 thousand Internet users have subscribed to the beauty’s updates. Edward immediately took a liking to the pretty blonde, whose page he stumbled onto completely by accident.

The young man decided to try his luck by writing to Barbara. A correspondence began between the young people. Friendly communication gradually grew into something more. Edward hastened to make an appointment with the beauty. Barbara prepared for her date for a couple of hours, taking care of the perfect hair and makeup. A couple of weeks later, Barbara moved in with her chosen one. The girl tried to wake up earlier than her boyfriend in order to have time to get herself in order. Edward did not resist his girlfriend’s desire to look perfect. However, over time, Barbara realized that she did not want to deceive her chosen one and decided to stop this whole farce.

“He loves me. I’m sure Edward will accept me anyway,” Barbara once told her friend. The girl’s friend supported Barbara, advising her to show herself to her chosen one without embellishment. Edward noticeably distanced himself from Barbie after her experiment. The young man spent time with friends and tirelessly met beauties from Instagram. One day, Barbara saw Edward walking with some brunette.

The girl seemed ideal to Barbara, however, she knew firsthand the power of makeup. Edward chose girls based on their “cover”, without being interested in their content. Barbara broke up with her lover by posting an honest video on her Instagram page.


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The girl appeared before fans without makeup. “Love yourself as you are. And don’t let people dictate how you should look. There are no ideal people,” Barbara captioned this video. Do you accept yourself as you are?

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