Parents sent their “four-legged” daughter to a traveling circus, because they didn’t think she would be able to get married. However the girl could find happiness and got married giving birth to 5 children. Now look how she looks in a wedding dress ..

It’s scary to think how such people lived in those days.🙁

Today it is difficult to believe that human zoos and “Circuses of Freaks” existed until the middle of the last century. Often the fate of the “artists” was unenviable. They often lived poorly in inappropriate conditions, and the circus owners took the lion’s share of the profits. Needless to say, there was no talk of any qualified medical care, although many needed it. It is not surprising that often “artists” died too early.

Against this background, one of the happy exceptions can be considered the story of Myrtle, the “four-legged girl from Texas.” The baby was born with an unusual anomaly – she had two pairs of legs, the middle of which were slightly shorter than the outer ones. Myrtle walked with difficulty, because even one of her more developed legs did not obey her. At the same time, the girl had a very pleasant appearance, fair skin and delicate, chiseled features.

At the age of 13, Myrtle’s parents sent her to a traveling circus. The couple did not hope that their daughter would be able to get married, so they saw the circus as her only opportunity to live and feed herself. Over time, the “four-legged girl” became so popular that she had imitators and even fake doubles. However, this is not surprising; Myrtle earned a lot of money – several hundred dollars a week (in the modern world this amount would be equivalent to 8-10 thousand).

However, life in the circus was a burden for a young girl; Myrtle was modest by nature and not inclined to publicity. Despite her parents’ fears, the girl was not deprived of male attention. At the age of 19, a young doctor asked her hand in marriage and Myrtle agreed. The husband tried to give his wife everything that she was deprived of in her youth. Already married, Myrtle received an education and acquired the skills and manners of a real lady.

By the way, the woman was subsequently able to give birth to her husband five completely healthy children. To the surprise of the doctors, in addition to her legs, she had two full sets of reproductive organs. Unfortunately, Myrtle was widowed at just 41 years old. The woman returned to the show, which allowed her to earn enough to raise her children alone and give them an excellent education and a start in life.

Myrtle passed away at the age of 60, surrounded by the love of her children and grandchildren. After that, several shows tried to buy her body, but the children refused. They filled the grave of their beloved mother with concrete so that no one would think of trying to disturb her peace.

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