«They are so cute!😍 An Armenian woman married a dark-skinned man nine years ago, and they had three children together.»😮

Arevik, a gorgeous Armenian woman, has won people over to her dark-skinned partner’s adorable offspring on social media. Their three daughters are four years old, four years old, and seven years old, Sevan, and eight years old, Nairi, respectively.

The kids are now well-known on the internet and are frequently mentioned on their mothers’s social media accounts.
The children are adored by Arevik’s supporters, especially when they try to talk in Armenian, their mother tongue.

Fans also take pleasure in seeing Arevik’s spouse, who has a strong affinity for Armenian food and dances at weddings with the grace and dexterity of a native.
Under the family’s images, the comments area is flooded with statements like “What a beautiful family,” “I just adore Monte,” “Well, how beautiful they are,” and “Rays of sunshine in a grey world.”

We are very grateful for the happiness and optimism that this global family shares with their fans.

The fans of the foreign pair are always cheered up by their images and videos, and they look forward to seeing fresh content from them.

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